Holiday season is here..

I know that around this time of the year it tends to be a difficult time for most who are recovering from alcohol. Earlier in the year I mentioned how St. Patricks Day and The 4th of July are difficult holidays for me but I just know how challenging it must be around this time when you see Christmas lights all about and you start to think about using those work vacation days. Families start to get together and what follows is alcohol poured in some egg nog, or that one uncle or aunt who only comes around BECAUSE of the egg nog that’s mixed with alcohol. Oh yes–trust me I know. I have a few in my family. One thing I will say to you is, PLAN AHEAD!! Right now, you know that this is coming up so, make yourself a list of things you will do to keep your mind off of the alcohol. You must plan ahead. You must stay prepared for the urges and KNOW what makes the urges stronger. Write that down too, save it and tackle these holidays.

We are all in this together.

You got this…

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