This is something that in recovery can be as detrimental to your sobriety as anything! As I get further into my first year of recovery I am grateful to have had many mentors that have instilled in my mind to fight complacency. In the past I had almost 5 years clean but due to many different things, complacency set in. I relapsed and found myself back in active addiction!!! I can tell you the disappointment I felt in myself and from others was one of the worst things I have ever felt. The problem was as simple as just not having any education or guidance. As we build more self esteem and gain more responsibility in society it can be easy to forget how difficult those first few month were. When we start to feel comfortable and the thought of ” ok I got this, I can handle everything now” complacency is setting in. This thought should be a warning sign that we need to think back to where we started. That’s the place we are trying to move away from but when we allow complacency to enter our world we take steps backward! They may be small and unnoticed but very significant. I believe sobriety will be a struggle even when the physical part is easy. Keeping the mind correct and always remembering the basics of staying clean, no matter how long we have been in recovery, is essential to long term success and happiness!!

-Dan Aspengren

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