Victim Impact Panel Discussion

Tuesday evening I had the opportunity to share my story in front of a large crowd of people from all around the world. I had an index card with me that had about 15 bullet points on it. I wanted to make sure that I delivered a great speech while focusing on driving home a few important messages. As I approached the podium and looked out into the crowd, I placed the index card into my pocket. I told myself that I must speak from my heart. Once I noticed that the first three rows were filled with prison inmates, I immediately began to think about the time I couldn’t sleep in my jail cell. So as I began to speak, I made sure to explain how I know the feeling. I know what it feels like when you feel as if you have no one to turn to. Once I created that common ground, I then spoke on the gifts of my sobriety!!

Let’s work on our sobriety together!

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